Business law covers all the laws that dictate how to form and run a business, including startup, buying, managing and closing or selling. Business law includes Franchises, Corporate & Commercial Law, as well as Bankruptcy & Insolvency.



Personal law is the portion of the law which constitutes all matters related to any individual, or their families. Whether you need assistance with applying for adoption procedures, divorces, buying a new home, drafting a will or any other personal law issue. We are here to meet and exceed your expectations – no matter what you need.


The India Desk

The India Desk is able to assist both Indian companies entering the Canadian market as well as Canadian companies seeking to do business in India. We provide effective legal assistance for commercial transactions between India and Canada. Our network of Indian contacts allows us to advise clients across many international business issues.


SN Law — Client Focused. Results Driven

SN Law utilizes the unique background and experiences of its lawyer to provide comprehensive range of legal services to its clients. We offer our clients a high standard of professionalism. Our client-focused approach enables us to deliver creative, yet practical, solutions to our clients’ legal challenges. We advises on legal issues, risks and also consults and guides on the issues and concerns that such clients are dealing with or will encounter. We combine this client engagement approach with a practical results based execution that is geared to assists our clients on their path to success in various matters.

We pride ourselves on giving clients an attractive and flexible fee structure.

Principle Lawyer


An established and experienced lawyer, Soni has practiced international law for over 5-years prior to starting her own practice. Upon completion of her articling in Toronto she moved to Fort McMurray where she practiced for over two years. A member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Law Society of Alberta, Soni brings a broad array of expertise in the areas of Corporate & Commercial Law, as well as Family Law practices. In addition, Soni is also extremely well versed in all aspects of Corporate Law.

A brief overview of Soni’s accomplishments:

  • Adviser for foreign companies seeking to invest and set up operations in India as structured Joint Ventures;
  • Carries out the legal due diligence, completes the process of documentation and statutory compliance for acquisition of companies;
  • Assists and advises companies in their distributorship and other commercial contracts;
  • Advises companies in regards to IPO issues and insider trading.