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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

SN Law Office has experience and knowledge in all aspects of receivership and insolvencies, as well as Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) procedures including appointment of receiver or Trustee, assignment into bankruptcy, and discharge in bankruptcy. We provide advice to both individuals and corporations facing stressful economic circumstances. Many times the work involves skillfully developing and implementing strategies that ensure these difficulties are dealt with as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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Business Incorporation & Commercial Law

SN Law Office offers guidance and legal assistance on all aspects of corporate law. In addition to the purchase and sale of business assets, partnership agreements, joint ventures, letters of intent, escrow agreements, lease agreements and other matters relating to the establishment of companies, we can be of assistance guiding you through the business planning and corporate management process.

SN Law can advise clients on general corporation law with respect to governance and director fiduciary duties. We believe that building on proficient corporate processes and principles is critical to the success of the small business.

No matter how small or large your venture is, SN Law Office is pleased to assist you at every stage of your development.

Franchising Law


Before venturing into a huge capital investment, you should thoroughly investigate both the venture and the franchise agreement with the assistance of a lawyer.

Your Franchise Agreement will describe day-to-day operation of your business and will determine your roles and responsibilities as a franchise owner. It is vital for you to understand the payments you are required to make to the franchisor for a transfer of the franchise, whether they are refundable or not, and under what conditions they are returnable.

It is important to understand conditions concerning the rent or purchase of property, supplies, and equipment. You will also need to know what restrictions there may be on use of intellectual property, as these will affect your advertising and other business plans.

These are only a few of the many considerations which should be addressed before entering into a Franchise Agreement. SN Law Office can provide you with advice on franchise purchases, and can offer assistance in the establishment and on-going operation of your business.