The India Desk

The India Desk is able to assist both Indian companies entering the Canadian market, as well as Canadian companies seeking to do business in India.
India Canada Lawyer

For Indian companies seeking to break into the Canadian market, the India Desk can call on the expertise of the SN Law Office. Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, employment law, tax litigation, outsourcing, intellectual property, technology transactions, and regulatory and recovery matters are all areas of expertise for this legal team. Given the importance of understanding the specific needs of Indian clients, the India Desk makes it a point to be the central contact point for all communications between the Firm and it’s Indian clients.

For Canadian companies looking to enter the Indian market, the India Desk is able to act as a first-level contact for all legal queries relating to Indian laws and regulations. The India Desk can guide Canadian companies through the myriad laws and regulations that may apply to their operations in India, ranging from entry strategies, to company incorporation, employment regulations, and intellectual property laws.

Depending on the skills and experience necessary for the success of any given transaction, the India Desk can call upon the expertise of one or more Indian law firms with which it has built strong, independent relationships.

The uniqueness of our India practice is that it brings together all of the elements necessary to provide effective legal assistance for commercial transactions between India and Canada. SN Law Office can draw on the rich and varied international experiences of it’s attorneys to overcome cultural differences, language barriers, and procedural hurdles that plague so many international deals.

If you are a Canadian interested in exploring business opportunities in India, or if you represent an Indian corporation or entrepreneur looking to expand into the Canadian market, we can help you to make the most of the opportunities open to you. Our India Desk network of Indian contacts allows us to advise Indian and Canadian clients across a wide range of international business issues.

For further information, please contact our office. We are uniquely positioned to provide legal support to both Canadian and Indian business ventures.