Annual Maintenance of Alberta and Extra-Provincial Corporations


In general, the total cost of government Annual Return filing and service fees charged by a corporate registry agency ranges from $80.00 to $100.00. Then the question is why do you have to pay a little bit more for a lawyer to maintain your corporation annually?
In comparison of our excellent services with an agency, you are actually paying less if you retain SN Law. Here are our explanations:
We charge only one all-inclusive charge per year to be the registered office of your corporation. An office to which all legal documents related to your company are served. This fee includes the following: 1. To ensure, upon receipt of any documents on your behalf, you are aware the nature of documents being served and what steps need to be done should deadlines are imposed on said documents; 2. To prepare and ensure all necessary annual resolutions are properly signed by all directors/shareholders in order to bring the status of the company up to date. This will facilitate a seamless handling with all parties if corporate refinancing, transfer of shares, internal audit, and/or CRA audit are required on the corporation; 3. You will have hands-on information regarding initial legal advice on your company’s staff issues, corporate refinancing initial terms, your initial intention to buy/sale of a business or operate a franchise, or deal with potential shareholders disputes etc. No extra fees will be charged unless documents are required on your corporation not related to annual returns, or when a new file is required to be opened on an issue to be dealt with further for a resolution or for a new transaction to be completed.

Please call us for further clarifications.

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