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Dependent Adults

Dependent Adults

If an adult is incapable of managing his or her day-to-day affairs or important financial decisions, they may be vulnerable. SN Law Office assists you in making an application for Guardianship and for the Trusteeship of an estate.

A family member or close friend can secure this role through a court application, or in some cases a public trustee is appointed.

Dependent adult applications can get complicated, especially when there are conflicts among interested parties and disagreements about who can act as a trustee or about what the dependent adult wants.

SN Law Office can assist you in providing legal services with regard to dependent adult applications. We will ensure that all the applications are complete and represent you in court to obtain the required Order, in the best interest of your loved one.

Divorce Lawyer

We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communications with our clients and handling delicate issues efficiently, providing exceptional services tailored to individual needs.

Family Law

SN Law Office understands that matters involving family law can be very emotional and sensitive. The practical problems that need to be addressed at the time of separation are often complicated by emotions and financial issues, and legal proceedings can be confusing and intimidating. We can provide you with the best and most comprehensive legal services that will protect you and your family. SN Law Office offers a broad range of services, such as pre-nuptial agreements, support payments, complex custody disputes, adoptions, guardianships, and grandparents’ rights.


Divorce law is a separate area of family law. Divorce includes a broad range of matters, and is inevitably a complex and emotional process. The issues relating to the matrimonial property is a separate issue from Divorce law. When a marriage ends, spouses usually want to complete a final division of their assets and liabilities. The Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta sets out the law regarding the division of property. Exactly how property is divided, and in what proportions, depends on the specific circumstances of each case. SN Law Office can assist clients with sorting through the many concerns which affect them, and ensure that all relevant issues are addressed in necessary documents or in Court.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate

A home typically is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. This is why when you buy or sell a house, you should ensure that your hard-earned money is protected by taking the proper steps in the exchange of ownership between the parties. SN Law Office will work with you, your real estate agent, your financial institution, and the other party’s legal counsel to ensure your rights and obligations are satisfied and protected.

We take pride in providing easy solutions while dealing with residential properties, with respect to buying, selling, and mortgaging. We have an experienced and accomplished team that has a firm understanding of the importance of your transaction and the components involved. Our job is to ensure that you are given the information, support, and services to successfully complete the transaction.

Will and Estate Lawyer

Wills & Estates

A Will ensures that your wishes are carried out with minimum expense and delay after your death. Wills let you decide who will manage your estate and who will inherit your assets upon your demise. A properly prepared Will can save time and money for your family and beneficiaries. Estate Planning allows you to have your wishes followed to protect your beneficiaries. We understand and respect that your needs are personal, individual, and there may be sensitivities surrounding family members. 

SN Law Office can assist you in drafting your Will, in Estate Planning, in reviewing your existing Will, and in updating your current Will with a codicil, or in assisting you, as the Personal Representative, in obtaining a grant of administration on the probate.

In addition to appointing an Executor, a Trustee, and a Guardian for your children, a Will outlines the ways in which your assets are to be disposed, and how debts and estate expenses are to be managed. A Will can provide for specific bequests of either a personal or charitable nature.

Power of Attorney Lawyer

Power of Attorney & Personal Directive

You may have done a great job ensuring that your estate is maximized and you have left what you wish to whom and what is most important to you, but it is important that you have plans in place for managing that estate during your lifetime, if something unforeseen and tragic happens.

Dementia or serious accidents can happen, leaving you unable to make your own decisions about your life and unable to assist those dependent on you.

SN Law Office can assist you in ensuring that you have proper documentation naming the person(s) you would like to act for you. The person(s) you choose can help make decisions about your life and assist those dependent upon you.