Wills & Estate Planning & Administration

Will and Estate Lawyer

A Will ensures that your wishes are carried out with minimum expense and delay after your death. Wills let you decide who will manage your estate and who will inherit your assets upon your demise. A properly prepared Will can save time and money for your family and beneficiaries. Estate Planning allows you to have your wishes followed to protect your beneficiaries. We understand and respect that your needs are personal, individual, and there may be sensitivities surrounding family members. 

SN Law Office can assist you in drafting your Will, in Estate Planning, in reviewing your existing Will, and in updating your current Will with a codicil, or in assisting you, as the Personal Representative, in obtaining a grant of administration on the probate.

In addition to appointing an Executor, a Trustee, and a Guardian for your children, a Will outlines the ways in which your assets are to be disposed, and how debts and estate expenses are to be managed. A Will can provide for specific bequests of either a personal or charitable nature.

At SN Law Office, we help our clients daily in applying for and obtaining Grants of Probate. We also provide ongoing advice and direction to personal representatives in handling estates.

You may have done a great job ensuring that your estate is maximized and you have left what you wish to whom and what is most important to you, but it is important that you have plans in place for managing that estate during your lifetime, if something unforeseen and tragic happens.

Dementia or serious accidents can happen, leaving you unable to make your own decisions about your life and unable to assist those dependent on you.

SN Law Office can assist you in ensuring that you have proper documentation naming the person(s) you would like to act for you. The person(s) you choose can help make decisions about your life and assist those dependent upon you.