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SN Law Office understands that Disputes & Litigations matters can be very emotional and sensitive. Legal proceedings can be confusing and intimidating. Addressing the practical problems during separation is often complicated by emotions and financial issues. SN Law Office provides you with the best and most comprehensive legal services to protect you and your family.

SN Law Office offers a broad range of family law services, such as pre-nuptial agreements, custody disputes, adoptions, guardianships, grandparent’s rights separations, divorces, and issues related to marital property rights and enforcement maintenance.

We maintain excellent communications with our clients and handle delicate issues efficiently, providing exceptional services tailored to individual needs.

Divorce law is a separate area of family law. Divorce includes a broad range of matters and is inevitably a complex and emotional process. When a marriage ends, spouses usually want to complete a final division of their assets and liabilities. The Family Property Act of Alberta sets out the law regarding property division. However, each case’s specific circumstances affect the partition. SN Law Office can assist clients in sorting through their many concerns and ensure that all their necessary documents and court appearances are in order.

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